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Better Relationships

Most of our deepest emotional experiences come from our closest connections to other people.  Our family relationships, our romantic relationships, and our closest friendships are, for many of us, the most profound and powerful experiences of our lives.   . 

There is a great deal of evidence that humans are wired to seek love and attachment. Because we feel so strongly about love and closeness, it can be terribly painful when these things go wrong.  Because the pain of loss or the pain of betrayal can be so intense, human relationships can feel like an area in which the stakes are high, and we have far less control than we would like to have. 

Every relationship involves two people's quirky personalities and complicated histories.  There is a lot happening, most of it deeply emotional, and not terribly rational.  But there is method to the madness, and therapy can play a unique role in making sense of it all, in understanding what gets stirred up in us as we try to be close to other people.

Therapy can work on relationships in many ways, both by understanding the emotions inside you, and by learning to do things differently with those you love: