Paul Hutchinson, Ph.D.           Clinical Psychologist

Ph.D. Psychologist and Therapist

Psychologist and Therapist, Individual Therapy,  Issaquah, WA

Issaquah Psychologist and Therapist
Individual Therapy

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Welcome to my web site. I am a psychologist practicing in Issaquah and in Bellevue, Washington with over 25 years experience as a therapist. This website has information about my practice, my specialties, and my philosophy about therapy. Feel free to call me or email me if there are other things you would like to know about my practice.

After many years practicing in Bellevue, I am currently moving my practice to Issaquah.  I will have openings from time to time in my Issaquah office, but I am no longer taking new patients in Bellevue, and will likely phase out of Bellevue in the next year.  Although video therapy has been essential during the pandemic, in person therapy is preferrable.  I am currently seeing vaccinated clients in person.     

Psychotherapy is a powerful method for changing and improving your life. It can be difficult, but it is rewarding, and typically leads to a deeper understanding of yourself, and a clearer sense of how to make choices that will lead to contentment, satisfaction, and joy.

As a therapist, I work with people on a wide variety of issues.  Often people come to therapy to work on their closest relationships, both family relationships and romantic relationships.  Depression and anxiety are two common expressions of the difficulties of life.  They are tied to our biology, and also tied to hardships, and losses and fears, and to the way that we make sense out of everything that happens to us.   

I also work with people dealing with alcoholism and drug addiction, including helping people rebuild their lives and repair their relationships after they have gotten an addiction under control.

If a person is in crisis, or in a life transition, it is often helpful to do brief therapy to get through that situation. But if someone is dealing with depression or other difficulties that have persisted over several years, effective therapy typically involves taking a deeper look at a number of things. It usually involves carefully exploring the patterns in your feelings, your choices, your relationships, and the workings of your life. The goal is to figure out how to make the important parts of life work well: How to have close and satisfying relationships, how to be satisfied and happy with yourself, how to work through painful things and have a life that is full of joy and meaning. The payoff of therapy, which can often be hard work, is that life becomes richer and more satisfying.

 Sometimes, in the chaos of day to day life, the most important questions seem to get lost.

If there is a sense of something missing, or something unfulfilled, therapy can explore that, and help you find your way to a more meaningful way of living.

Choosing a therapist is a very important decision. If you would like to know more about my practice in addition to the information here, feel free to call me or email me, and I'll be happy to answer your questions.